a new universe
with a new hero

Futuristic soldier stands in front of space fighter ship in shuttle bat

A lone soldier is gifted the power to save humanity.

When a training exercise at a classified research facility goes awry, Joe Kovacs loses much more than his eyesight.
He loses his career. He can’t fight if he can’t see.

A decision with consequences.

Joe’s only shot at getting his life back lies in the hands of a shadow scientist—and it may not work.
He jumps at the chance, but quickly learns the implant does more than restore his sight.
Much more.

There’s no going back.

Joe begins to see strange flashes. Ghostly images. Actions he could have taken but didn’t.
Believing he’s going mad, he confronts the scientist, only to discover the implant’s shocking origin.

Nothing is as it seems, and all the possible futures Joe can now see point to a system-wide conspiracy
that will shift the balance of power for hundreds of years.

Joe’s visions hold the key to stopping it. . . if he can learn to control them in time.


Step into the shadow world of special forces in the 23rd century!

• High-octane action
• Plausible science
•Pulse-pounding intrigue

“Intricate, action-packed and ambitious…. Richman’s style is fast-paced and accessible, with characters [that] are engaging and memorable” — Publisher’s Weekly 

“Advanced physics and talking ferrets add to the fun in this lively series … Our verdict: Get it” — Kirkus Reviews


Even heroes need an origin story

Each tale in the Biogenesis War Files stands on its own.

These are the origin stories of the ‘quiet professionals,’ the Unit operators of the Geminate Alliance’s special forces.

These fast-paced, cerebral thrillers are part hard science fiction, part spy novel, and one hundred percent adrenaline.

They’re sure to keep you guessing every step of the way.




Maverick pilots, rogue AIs, and an adventure that spans  five different star systems

Sentient AIs walk among us.

In the wake of the Sentience Wars, refugee AIs flee to nearby stars, and there are some who would turn their plight into profit.

When easygoing, self assured pilot-for-hire Jason Andrews is sucked into a covert operation to save them, he learns that it’s not only AIs who are at risk… and the enemy is more powerful than anything he’s ever faced.

Jason must engage in an all-out bid to save worlds he’s never known, in a war he could never have imagined.